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Starsky had been seated, and was looking at the menu when he checked for his wallet and realized he'd left it back at the hotel. Damn. He had to go back there, get the wallet and come back to the restaurant. He'd probably wake up Hutch, who'd stayed behind to get some shut-eye.

Just as well, he thought. Maybe if he's awake, he'll rethink my earlier idea to order a pizza and have it sent to the room. When they got back home, he'd be sure and thank Dobey for picking them to attend the non-lethal force symposium this year. This was day three of a four-day odyssey in beautiful downtown Lansing, Michigan.

The Do Not Disturb sign swayed as he worked the key. He unlocked and eased open the door to the room as quietly as he could. When he stepped in though, Hutch wasn't in bed. Then it hit him. Sounds were emanating from the bathroom. It was his partner, and the sounds left no question as to what he was doing.

Could he have a woman in there? No. If he had a woman with him, they would've been in Hutch's bed. Starsky wasn't sure what to do. In the elevator ride up to the room, he'd made up his mind that he didn't feel like walking back to the restaurant. But maybe he ought to just take his wallet and go. Best to not embarrass his partner.

Starsky found his wallet and was about to pick it up when Hutch's moans changed. He was obviously having trouble getting any sounds out at all. Starsky stuck his hand in his pocket. Could he fool himself into believing that he'd thought his wallet was in his hand and he was just putting that in his pocket? It didn't matter.

Through the fabric of his pocket, Starsky stroked his cock in time with his partner's moans. He even imagined that the hand pumping his erection was Hutch's. He closed his eyes and could see the expression on his partner's face as he jerked him off. He could see those full lips, separated, his mouth open as he gasped for breath. The intensity sped up and Hutch's sounds turned into little more than grunts and a hissing sound. Starsky drooped against the wall.

And then it happened. Could he possibly have heard correctly? Amidst all of his partner's vocalizations . . . . If it wasn't clear the first time, if it wasn't believable the first time, Hutch said it again and there was no mistake.


Desire had Starsky's heart pumping hard now, his underwear was wet and he knew he was very close. From the sound of things, so was Hutch. Starsky unbuttoned his shirt, unzipped his jeans and pulled his straining cock out of his underwear. He turned the bathroom doorknob. It wasn't locked. Why would Hutch have locked it if Starsky was supposed to be at the restaurant?

Hutch was leaning over the tub. He was naked. Waterslick from a shower, one hand on the wall in front of him, the other wrapped around that incredible rosy cock. It'd been a while since Starsky had seen him with a hard-on, and he'd never seen him like this. Hutch's eyes were closed, his muscles tight. All that moved were his hips and his arm.

Starsky spoke just in time. "Hutch?" It was a struggle to get that much out.

Clearly startled, Hutch turned to look at Starsky with large eyes full of fear and embarrassment. It was then that Starsky noticed his partner held something. He was trying to hide a small piece of Starsky's clothing.

"Come 'ere" Starsky said before taking his partner's wrist and pulling him into the main room. Hutch was frozen, standing between the two beds. The massive cock was weeping before him; his muscles were tight. His naked form was breathtaking. And then Hutch seemed awestruck, entranced, watching as Starsky kicked off his shoes and shed his shirt, jeans, and underwear then lay down on Hutch's bed. He pulled his tall partner beside him.

"Are you a hallucination?" Hutch asked.

"Does this feel like a hallucination?" Starsky put his hand on the back of his head, pulled Hutch to him and kissed him deeply. "How about this?" He brought Hutch's hand to his own erection, wrapping the long fingers around. Starsky's left hand latched onto his partner's cock. He was impressed with its size and heat. Knowing Hutch was still a little shocked, he continued leading the way. No turning back. Hutch's fingers began to squeeze around him and that was almost too much. He couldn't bear to look. This has to last, he thought.

And then his intuition and his body took over. He began to vigorously pump the formidable cock. He bucked his hips against his partner's strong fist, and kissed Hutch's soft mouth. The flavor of Hutch caressed his tongue. There was the faint taste of beer, but more than that, there was a sweetness that his intoxicating aroma could only hint at.

Soon Hutch came out of his surprised embarrassment and whatever momentum he'd lost when Starsky surprised him, he made up for quickly. His kisses got hungry, and his fist around Starsky's cock meant business. Before Starsky could connect with time and space again, he came with Hutch immediately afterward. Their bellies and thighs were slick with their mutual juices.

Starsky raised his hand, coated with his partner's semen, to his mouth and as soon as he knew Hutch was watching, sucked a finger into his mouth. Hutch then duplicated Starsky's display by sucking his own cream-covered thumb between his lips. And then they kissed. Hard. Starsky welcomed Hutch's aggressive tongue. Hutch's skin was smooth and sweat-moistened beneath his hands, smooth except for the chin that brushed against his. The prickling of his partner's beard stubble both startled and excited him.

Hutch was above him then, and Starsky seized the opportunity to explore his partner's firm ass, squeezing a cheek in each hand, causing his partner's body to shudder. He pulled Hutch's groin tighter against his own. Even his soft, sensitive cock jumped as it met with his partner's still substantial genitals. Hutch moaned and dropped against him, one leg falling on either side of Starsky's body. When Hutch turned his head for a minute, Starsky slurped an earlobe between his lips, and Hutch shivered.

Soft, wet kisses were being deposited along Starsky's neck, and he tilted his head back. He had to open his eyes. He had to watch. The blond head was both familiar and foreign; the soft lips touched his skin as Hutch's kisses traveled down his neck and now were being deposited across his chest. How could his partner simultaneously be so voracious and so gentle? His heart pounded as his partner worked his magic. It felt so good.

Starsky moaned. "Ah, Hutch."

His partner took a short break from sampling Starsky's skin. For the first time, the two of them just looked at each other's faces. Hutch stroked the side of Starsky's face, and Starsky pushed the hair out of his partner's eyes.

"What just happened?" Hutch asked.

"Our future, I think," Starsky whispered.

The End