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Starsky walked cautiously into the darkened warehouse. His instructions had been very specific. He was to come here alone and wait. He had been told to wear no jacket and to leave his gun in the car. The instructions had implied that there would be dire consequences if he failed to do as he was told. And that was how he found himself standing in the middle of a dark and spooky room, shivering in the evening cold and wishing he were someplace else.

He looked around the room as best he could in the fading light. It was practically empty with an old table set back in the far corner and various bits of trash scattered about. He wished for the umpteenth time that he had his gun with him. Or his partner. But then again, whoever was behind this seemed to imply that this had something to do with his partner, so maybe it was better if Hutch wasn't here.

"Nice to see you can follow instructions," said a distorted voice. Starsky jumped at the sound, cursing himself for being caught off guard.

"Who are you and whadda ya want?" Starsky called out as he searched for the source of the voice.

"You'll find out who I am soon enough, pet," the voice said again, this time from somewhere behind him.

"Pet?" Starsky repeated as he turned around.

"And what I want . . . is you." Starsky felt something cold and metallic press up against the side of his neck and he froze. He was intimately aware of what the barrel of a gun felt like.

"What do you want with me?" he asked quietly.

"Everything," said the distorted voice. It was right next to his ear and Starsky shivered at the feel of the person's breath on his face. "And if you want to live through this, you'll do exactly what I tell you. Do you understand?"

"Yeah, I understand," Starsky replied.

"Excellent. I would hate for your pretty partner to have to identify your body. Wouldn't you?"

"Look, I said I'd do what you want, so leave my partner outta this," Starsky said, bristling at the mention of Hutch.

"Anxious to start, huh?" the voice laughed. "All right. Walk to the table in the corner. When you get there, you'll see a blindfold and a pair of handcuffs. Put the blindfold on and wait."

"You expect me to just walk over there and blindfold myself?" Starsky asked. "What's next? Cuff my hands behind my back and wait for you to kill me?"

"You have two options here, Detective," the voice said sternly. "You can do as I say and live through this or I can kill you. I am more than willing to settle for your partner in your place. The choice is up to you."

Starsky hesitated for a moment before walking slowly toward the table. When put like that, what choice did he have? There was no way he was gonna let this fruit loop do whatever it was he was planning on doing to Hutch. And if he cooperated, he might just live through this.

His hand shook as he tied the blindfold in place. He made sure the knot was secure, not wanting to piss the psycho with the gun off any more than he already had. It wasn't like his eyes were doing him much good in the darkened room anyway. Not knowing what else to do, he dropped his hands to his sides and waited. A few minutes later he heard a series of sharp clicks and realized that Mr. Psycho had turned on the lights. Wonderful. Now he can see me and I'm standing here blind as a bat.

"Take off your clothes," the voice said, startling Starsky again. He felt something cold twist in his stomach at the ominous words, the blindfold and handcuffs taking on a whole new meaning in conjunction with his nakedness.

"Aw, come on," Starsky wheedled, trying desperately to keep the fear from his voice. "Ain't it a bit cold in here for that?"

"Take off your clothes or I will take them off you," the voice said again, this time from much closer.

Swallowing hard, Starsky reached for the buttons on his shirt. He undid them as slowly as he could, delaying the inevitable as much as possible. Unable to see, he simply dropped it to the floor. His shoes were next, then his socks. His hands stopped at the button of his jeans, but the thought of this bastard trying to do this to Hutch spurred him on. He pulled his pants and underwear off together and left them piled on the floor.

"Pick up the handcuffs," the voice said, then waited for Starsky to comply. "Now put the cuffs on and extend your arms out in front of you."

"Look, you don't really wanna do this," Starsky tried to reason.

"I won't tell you again, Detective."

The cold voice told him everything he needed to know. There would be no bargaining, no reasoning. He could either do what this man wanted and pray he kept his word about not killing him, or he could try and make a run for it. Naked, blind and unarmed, he stood about as much chance of that as he did of Hutch suddenly coming to his rescue. Biting back the plea that was on the tip of his tongue, he reached forward and ran his hand over the table until he located the handcuffs. He fumbled with them for a moment before managing to get them locked into place. Taking a deep breath, Starsky stretched his arms straight out and waited.

"Now turn around," the man commanded, telling Starsky to stop once he was facing him.

Without warning, the chain linking Starsky's wrists was grabbed and he was jerked forward. He stumbled, stubbing his toe on the hard floor but managed to keep from falling. He was dragged forward several feet toward what he could only assume was the center of the room. He heard a rattling sound then his arms were suddenly yanked upward forcing him to stand on his toes. In one swift movement he had been rendered completely helpless.

Starsky forced his panic to the back of his mind. He felt vulnerable and exposed as he hung in his bonds, but he took a deep breath and forced himself to relax. He had managed to regain a small amount of calm when the sound of cloth rustling behind him drew his attention. The distinct sound of a zipper being released brought his fear back in spades.

"Are you gonna rape me?" Starsky asked, unable to stop the words.


"Why?" Starsky dared. His whole body was shaking as he stood rooted in place. This was not supposed to happen. Not to him. Hutch would be so angry when he found out.

"Because I can," the voice replied. "Now do as I say and the worst thing that will get shoved inside you is my cock."

"Please," Starsky pleaded, shamed by the act but knowing he had to try. "Don't do this."

"Oh, but you are beautiful like this," the voice said. "Bound and helpless. I can smell your fear and it makes me hard. It's all I can do not to take you right now. But I won't. Not yet. First you're going to beg me for it. And by the time I'm finished with you, you'll gladly kneel at my feet."

"No," Starsky choked out.

"I wonder if you're precious partner will still want you after I've broken you?"

"Please," Starsky begged. "Please, don't do this."

"You beg so prettily, David," the voice purred right next to his ear. "I can't wait to hear you begging for my cock."

Starsky tried to pull back when he felt his captor's mouth cover his own, but a hand on the back of his head held him in place. Not that he could have moved much anyway. The man's other hand had reached down to grasp his testicles. Starsky felt the hand squeeze a warning. "No teeth," that hand said. Then a strong tongue was forcing his mouth open and raping its way inside his mouth.

Starsky let his mouth go lax. He would not resist, but he would not participate either. He was rewarded for his passivity with a sharp tug to his balls. He gaped at the pain, hot and horrible, and felt his eyes water.

"You will not resist in any way," the man snarled. "Now kiss me."

Starsky had no choice but to comply. He returned the kiss as best he could, but his stomach rolled at the thought of it. He stroked his tongue over his captor's and was rewarded with a low moan and the loosening of the hand around his balls. But he was shaking with the effort of assisting with his own rape and his legs were quickly loosing their strength.

At last the man ended the kiss and stepped back. He could see that his captive was quickly losing strength and would soon be sagging in his bonds. His cock twitched in anticipation of seeing the suffering on Starsky's face.

"You should try to conserve your strength," the man said conversationally as he moved to a small table on the other side of the room. He was back a moment later with a small tray that held his tools. He couldn't wait to see how the shiny silver clamps looked against that darkly furred chest. He had promised himself he would wait until the man belonged to him before permanently piercing his nipples.

"Could ya . . . could ya lower me down some?" Starsky asked. He hated himself for the show of weakness. "My legs are getting' kinda weak."

"Yes, I imagine they are," the man said. "And I expect they'll get weaker still over the coming days."

"Days?" Starsky repeated. This . . . this man planned on keeping him like this for days?

"Like I said, by the time I'm finished you'll be begging for my cock."

"Who are you?" Starsky spat out in frustration.

"Who do you want me to be?" came the whispered answer.

Starsky clamped his mouth shut then. Talking to this lunatic wasn't doing any good. His legs were shaking harder now and he knew his calves were going to start cramping soon. When that happened he wouldn't have any choice but to let his shoulders bare his weight. That notion was less than appealing. Forcing his mind away from his pain, he tried to think of something pleasant, something nice to soothe his fear. He soon found himself thinking of his partner. He pictured his friend's smiling face and wished that he were here. But Hutch didn't realize he was missing and wouldn't until at least tomorrow.

Starsky was jerked out of his revere as white-hot pain lanced through his right nipple. He cried out at the sensation before he could stop himself as what felt like a hundred tiny needles pierced his flesh. He screamed again when his left nipple was subjected to the same treatment. He flung his head back, fighting the pain. He could feel his tears soaking into the dark fabric around his head. He wondered how soon it would be before his blood began to flow as well.

"Beautiful," the voice said as the man took a step back to view his work. The two clamps glittered in the light, their silver teeth digging into Starsky's delicate flesh. Reaching out, he lightly flicked one then the other, enjoying the sound of his captive's pain.

"Hurts," Starsky ground out.

"I know. But you are beautiful in your pain."

"Please," Starsky begged again. "Why are you doing this?"

"I already told you. Because I can."

Starsky's head was reeling. His fear was weakening him, making it harder to stand. His legs and shoulders ached, and his chest was on fire. He stiffened when he felt his captor come up behind him. The man had moved in close, pressing himself against Starsky's naked back and making sure Starsky could feel his own nakedness. Starsky shuddered at the feel of the man's erection. It wasn't supposed to be like this. It wasn't supposed to be some stranger taking him. It was only supposed to be Hutch.

Rough hands jerked him back to the present as his abused nipples were grabbed and twisted. Starsky screamed and jerked in his bonds, trying to escape the searing pain, but there was nowhere to go. The bastard was behind him with his arms coiled around his body. No matter how Starsky bucked, he couldn't get away from those relentless hands.

"You never answered my question, David," the man said as he twisted the clamps savagely.

"What question!" Starsky shouted as he kicked backward, trying desperately to dislodge the hands on his chest.

"Who do you want me to be?" the man whispered harshly as he avoided the weak kick.


"Who do you want me to be?" he repeated. He ground himself against Starsky's ass, enjoying the feel of the other man's body. Oh, how he wanted to bury himself there. But it wasn't time yet. Starsky hadn't answered the question yet.

"I don't . . . I don't know," Starsky said. He was rewarded by a vicious twist that left him wondering if his nipple had been pulled completely off.

"WHO DO YOU WANT ME TO BE?" the man roared.

"HUTCH!" Starsky screamed. "Hutch! I want you to be Hutch!"

As soon as the words left Starsky's mouth, the man stopped. He took a step back and surveyed the damage he had wrought. The detective hung limp in his bonds, no longer attempting to use his legs. Blood ran in a small rivulet from one nipple. His breath came in harsh gasps and his body was covered in sweat. The man thought he had never looked more beautiful.

"Are you sure?" he asked at last.

"Yes," Starsky said, his voice breaking. "I want you to be Hutch. It's only supposed to be Hutch."

"Why?" the man asked.

"Because . . . he . . . he's . . . everything," Starsky managed at last, the reasons ingrained too deeply to be put into words.

"You would rather it be your partner hurting you?" the voice pressed. "Using you? Taking his pleasure with your pain?"

"Yes," Starsky replied weakly.

The man stood and watched his captive for a moment more before carefully removing the voice distorter from around his neck. He took a step forward then and removed the nipple clamps one at a time. He winced at his captive's indrawn breath as the clamps were removed. Next, he walked around to stand behind the hanging man. He let his gaze travel over his body, lingering at the swell of Starsky's ass. Pushing his impatience aside, he reached up and untied the blindfold then slowly stepped back into the other man's field of vision.

"H . . . Hu . . . tch?" Starsky stammered as that beloved blond head came into bleary focus.

"Yeah, babe," Hutch replied. "It's me."

"Oh, God," Starsky moaned, trying to take in the knowledge that it had been Hutch that had done all this to him. "Get . . . get me down from here."

"Sure," Hutch said as he moved to unlock the cuffs holding his partner in place. The man's hands were swollen and Hutch could see dark red impressions where the cuffs had cut into the tender flesh.

As soon as his hands were free Starsky grabbed him. Hutch let him slide to the floor slowly, knowing the man's legs couldn't hold him right now. Picking up a nearby blanket, Hutch draped it around his partner's shoulders then joined him on the floor. He made sure to keep a distance between them, giving Starsky the time he needed to come to grips with all that had transpired. He was surprised when one of Starsky's swollen hands shot out and pulled him closer.

"For fuck's sake, you bastard! I thought he was . . . you were . . . I thought I was gonna be raped," Starsky shouted. "I thought some sicko was gonna . . . "

"Was gonna what?" Hutch asked when Starsky trailed off.

"Was gonna rape me," Starsky said, his voice low and rough. "Was gonna shove his filthy cock inta me no matter what I wanted. I thought he was gonna take what I'd only given to you."

"I know," Hutch said softly. "That's what I wanted you to think."

"I was so scared," Starsky whispered. "I knew you'd be so mad if . . . "

"I'd have been furious," Hutch agreed. He reached out and ran a gentle hand over Starsky's head, petting and stroking the damp curls. "And I'd have killed the bastard that did touched you like that."

"I love you, Hutch," Starsky said as he leaned forward and laid his head on his partner's chest. "God, how I love you."

"I love you, too, babe. But we're not finished yet," Hutch said.

"No. No, I um, guess we're not," Starsky stammered. "You said . . . said you were gonna rape me."

"I still am."

Starsky felt his insides shake at the confident words. "Didn't know you could rape the willing," Starsky laughed shakily.

"Are you? Willing?" Hutch shot back. "I liked hurting you, ya know. And I liked seeing the fear in your eyes."

"I know you did. And if . . . if I had known it was you . . . you wouldn'ta needed the cuffs. I'd let you do anything you want to me. Even hurt me, if that's what you really wanted."

Hutch looked at his partner, pinning him in place with his eyes. What Starsky was offering was beyond comprehension. To have this beautiful man and be allowed to take him as he truly wanted was his fondest wish. He wanted to own him. Own him and mark him and love him for the rest of his life.

"You said by the time you finished I'd be beggin' for your cock," Starsky continued as he forced himself to his knees. "Well, I'm beggin'. Please, babe. Please. I want you to fuck me. I want to feel your cock inside me, makin' me yours. I'm on my knees here, Hutch. Please. I wanna know it's you that's shovin' his cock inta my guts."

Hutch watched his partner's face as the man knelt in front of him begging to be used. It was one of his most wicked fantasies. And one he couldn't possibly refuse. Rising to his feet, Hutch reached down and ran his hand through Starsky's sweat-dampened hair again.

"Suck me," Hutch whispered. He was surprised when Starsky surged forward to obey. He hissed when he felt his partner's mouth engulf his semi-erect penis. Hutch had to force himself to look away from the erotic picture Starsky was making. He knew if he didn't he would come, just from the sight of this beautiful man on his knees.

Burying his other hand in Starsky's hair, he fisted them and jerked him closer. Starsky's moan of pleasure/pain made Hutch's cock swell even more and he began to thrust into that hot cavern. Hutch knew his grip had to hurt, not to mention the punishment he was doling out with his cock, but Starsky didn't protest, only opened his mouth wider and tried to ride it out.

All at once, Hutch pulled his cock free and shoved his lover back hard. Starsky landed on his back with a grunt and before he could move Hutch was on him. Hutch's mouth was wild, biting and sucking everywhere at once.

Starsky's own cock was hard for the first time since this whole thing had begun. He arched up into his blond lover and let him feel how much he wanted this.

"Beg me for it," Hutch demanded as he brought his mouth down to Starsky's abused nipple.

"PLEASE!" Starsky screamed as Hutch's mouth sent both pleasure and pain arching through his body. He writhed under him, trying both to get away from that mouth and to get more of his tender flesh inside it. "Please, Hutch. Please. I'll do anything. Just please fuck me now."

Hutch pulled away from his lover and Starsky cried out from the sudden loss of contact. He reached out blindly for his partner, his body on fire. Hutch moved back into his arms quickly and ran an oily hand down his belly, soothing away the momentary loss.

A moment later, Starsky felt his legs being lifted onto broad shoulders and his cheeks being spread. He felt Hutch press his oiled penis at the entrance to his body and shivered at the touch. He knew it was going to hurt. Hutch hadn't prepared him at all, but he didn't care. As his lover pressed forward, Starsky found himself thinking how grateful he was for the oil.

Hutch pressed forward steadily, not stopping when his head breached the opening. He kept up the same steady pressure until he was fully seated inside his lover. He could feel Starsky shaking around him, trying to ride out the pain.

"Hurts," Starsky gasped out.

"I know," Hutch replied as he held still.

"Fuck me through the floor," Starsky begged. Blue eyes locked with blue and for a moment they were the only two in the beings in the universe.

"I will," Hutch promised as he pulled back then surged forward.

Starsky cried out at the hard thrust and kept crying out as his lover took him there on the floor. He had never felt anything like this before. Hutch was claiming him. For the rest of his life he would belong to this man. He knew he would gladly spend the rest of his life on his back, just like this, if it would make Hutch's eyes shine like they were now.

Neither man could hold out for long. They were both too far gone. Hutch felt himself growing close and took Starsky's hard cock in his hand. It was all the stimulation the other man needed and he came, spilling his seed on his chest and stomach.

The feel of Starsky's body clenching and releasing in orgasm pushed Hutch over the edge, as well. He screamed his partner's name as he threw his head back and came, pouring himself inside his lover's body. Spent and exhausted, he collapsed on top of his mate.

"Was it what you needed?" Starsky asked, though he already knew the answer.

"Yeah. It was," Hutch said. "But I don't exactly understand why you went through with it. Why'd you do it, babe?"

"Because I love you. And because I could."