WARNING: The Starsky and Hutch fan fiction of Alexis Rogers is homoerotic in nature and theme, and often contains explicit descriptions of sexual acts between two or more men. If this adult content offends you, please go play some place else. If you are under the age of consent where you live, please go away. If you don't like the laws where you live, change them. Remember, one can make a difference.

Cost of Love, Part 1(177K)
Cost of Love, Part 2(171K)
A Handful of Sand (10K)
Moral Murder (27K)
Starsky's Law (14K)
Some Days the Dragon Wins (69K)
From Strange Justice
Violets, Rings, and Things of Spring (11K)
Fifty Five Cents (12K)
I Don't Take Sugar In My Songs   (21K)
After the Ping Pong Ball Bounced (39K)
Saucy (15K)
February 2nd (12K)
It's A Dog's Life (37K)
Harold C. (31K)
Butterfly Bush (37K)

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These stories were the first posted on the SH Slash Archive. They were posted sometime back in 1997 (I think) and were the start of the current Archive, and the first SH fiction of any kind posted on the net.. A special thanks to Alexis for spear-heading the Archiving of Starsky & Hutch fiction. Flamingo